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Disclaimer: This Whitepaper defines the model of Hexad Ecosystem, technology and crowd-funding principles involved, for informational purpose only. All the information provided in this whitepaper is market research-based and every effort has been made to maintain accuracy. No part of this whitepaper shall be considered to constitute a prospectus for investments. The whitepaper is subject to revisions and can change without prior notice.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Market and Challenges
  • Our Aim and Goals
  • Our Solution: Hexad Ecosystem
    • Hexafinex
    • Hexadpay Wallet
    • Marketplace
    • Sports
  • The Mobile Factor
  • Wallet Architecture
  • HXD Utility
  • Token Economics
  • Road Map
  • Team
  • ICO Roadmap

Executive Summary

Cryptocurrency is one of the major creations of this century, getting traction for offering required transparency and removing trust based dependencies on economies while transacting. Within a few years of its introduction, number of currencies have become a part of the growing Token Economy. Over 900 Cryptocurrencies added to the market, alone in 2017. The most trending Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, valued over US $19,000 and recently, a market cap of US $ 318,278, 828, 649

The overall growth of Cryptomarket and currencies reflect a bright future, while the only major hindrance these currencies have is ‘‘mass liquidity’. This factor becomes an alarming issue for businesses based on Cryptocurrencies, owing to the fact that their currency would not get successful in the market and would not reach the required ‘retail adoption’. 46% of the total 902 crowd-sale based Cryptocurrencies failed in the year 2017, due to various factors, with liquidity as the major one

In the consumer driven service & retail domains, demand creates growth and advancement, and utility plays a crucial role in defining demand. For the cryptocurrencies to find their way in retail adoption, they need to find their utility in the retail and service domains, and the demand will grow accordingly.

Hexad Ecosystem is a one-stop solution, facilitating users by offering access to liquidity via on-chain and off-chain transactions. The ecosystem offers trading, exchange, conversion, selling, purchasing and transfer of Crypto and Fiat currencies across the globe. Hexad Ecosystem provides an ease of managing all the digital assets, with an access to over 100 fiat and 20 crypto tokens.

Market and Challenges

The Retail & Service domain works on cut throat competition, marginal profits and using technology to grow. Going online is one of the leading solutions opted by businesses, to bring the required exposure and returns. But, using internet to offer products and services has its own limitations, considering payments, as compliances designed by the government and preferences of the end-consumers change from country to country.

marketData & Image via The Enterprise Guide to Global e-Commerce


As per the studies conducted by different behemoths of the corporates, the e-Commerce industry is flourishing and set to grow manifolds in the years to come. As per Selfstartr, the overall growth of e-Commerce B2C Global Sales is expected to reach $1.7 T by the year 2020, with an annual growth of 11%.


The introduction of Bitcoin highlighted the Blockchain Technology and created a new route for businesses to choose. With time, new Cryptocurrencies came into existence, creating the Token Economy. These currencies were free from the shackles of the governments and compliances, so could serve the purpose of Universal currencies. As per the last update of Wikipedia, on April 10, 2018, there were more than 1565 different cryptocurrencies available in the market, growing continuously. This could aid the e-Commerce sector as well, to use the Cryptocurrencies against services and products, but this was limited by their acceptance across the globe.


The Crypto Economy is volatile and fluctuates as per the rate of different markets. The Tokens lack real life utility and users avoid holding currencies, when one cannot make use of them for availing services. This is why new tokens in the Crypto Economy are traded, instead of being used, and they disappear with the fall in their rates. To avail services through Cryptocurrencies, one needs to liquidate them first, convert to fiat and then use for availing services.

Our Aim and Goals

The unsuccessful adoption of Cryptocurrencies created a question upon their utility and viability. Without deriving a feasible usage, the future of Cryptocurrencies grows darker. And this is what is happening to various currencies, where they are traded, instead of being used, ending up in complete failure, as they lose the market share.

Creating utility for Cryptocurrency is need of the hour, for not only strengthening the Crypto Economy, but at the same time, providing a fix to the world for the variations in currencies and payment modes.

Even after a couple of years down the line, Cryptocurrencies are still not considered as actual currency, rather a mode to trade and make more cash. One of the reasons for doing the same is major fluctuations in the cryptocurrency exchange rate. The economy needs to be redefined in a manner, where Cryptocurrencies are used in the same fashion as fiat. And this is possible through creating a stable ecosystem for cryptocurrencies, where the volatility is controlled and currencies’ rates do not fluctuate.


Once these major issues of Cryptocurrencies are addressed, the Crypto Economy will bloom efficiently, growing manifolds and exploring new possibilities. Our aim is to fix these pain points of the Token economy and deliver a permanent fix to the Crypto world, while identifying its unexplored potential.

We want to address the lack of liquidity and common man adoption of Cryptocurrencies.

Our Solution: Hexad Ecosystem

The Hexad Ecosystem is a comprehensive liquidity solution to the Token Economy. This multi-purpose ecosystem comprises of different facets, each having its own functionality and offering a specific utility.

In the Token economy, where the Tokens are bound to their host platform and wallets having the capacity to store different Cryptocurrencies, but no real-life liquidity, the Hexadpay Ecosystem will offer seamless usage of Cryptocurrencies to avail services, including,

-E-commerce Trade
- Commodities Trade
-Utility Bill Payments
-Forex Trade
- Much more...

For accessing and availing the services, a user needs to register himself onto the Hexad Ecosystem. With logging in and the completion of KYC verification, a wallet is generated for the user, where he can deposit Cryptocurrencies and Fiat as well. The Hexad Ecosystem supports the storage of ETH, BTC, LTC and HXD cryptocurrencies, along with USD, GBP, EUR and JPY. The stored currencies are offered utility through ecosystem’s Universal Utility Wallet, Hexadpay Wallet. The Hexad Ecosystem comprises of 3 arenas, namely,

-Hexad Marketplace
- Hexad Sports

These arenas are linked with the Hexadpay Wallet to offer seamless transactions. The users can avail varied services offered in Hexad Ecosystem through the wallet.



A trading platform developed by seasoned professionals, Hexafinex is a hybrid exchange designed to offer P2P trading in Cryptocurrencies, but at the same time offer Comex (commodities) and Forex as well. This hybrid exchange incorporates decentralized ledger within the centralized platform. Such a set-up scales quality and transparency in an exchange.

The end user can use this platform for trading the crypto currency with fiat/cryptocurrency. Hexafinex offers easy deposit and withdraw fiat and cryptocurrencies, buy & sell and view reports regarding the balance and trade. In order to use the platform, user needs to create an account onto the platform, or use the login details of the Hexadpay wallet account. KYC is mandatory to be completed, to generate a virtual wallet and start trading. User can verify email id on registration or post login as well.

To begin with trading, users add their fiat or cryptocurrencies to their account wallet. Hexafinex works both on Limit and Market Trading, while generating and managing reports. The platform offers its users to create their own dashboard of favorite pairs or tasks to ease the trading process.

The traders can choose to pay their trading fee on Hexafinex through HXD tokens to avail discounts on the rates. The margin for Margin Trading can be pledged in HXD and Fiat only.

Through Hexafinex, users have access to the live trading for Cryptocurrencies and CFDs including:

-Oil & Energy


The exchanges are known to be prone to hacks and hence for ensuring complete security, Hexafinex is secured with:

Two Factor authentication (2FA): An additional layer of security that requires some piece of information which is known only by the user to get into their account along with username and password.

KYC (Know Your Customer): Process of identifying and verifying the details of the customers to avoid fraudulence.

Missing Secure HTTP Headers: Missing Secure Header on HTTP Request/Response such as: -

1. X-Frame-Options
2. HTTP Only
3. Secure flag

SSL Integration: HTTPS protocol is most secure, including SSL security protocol.

Preventing DDoS Attack: In this attack, the network resource is flooded with incoming traffic from different sources to make it unavailable for its intended users.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention: This attack forces an end user to execute unwanted actions on a web application in which they're currently authenticated. This is handled by verifying origin with standard headers.

Cross-site scripting (XSS) Prevention: In this, attack malicious scripts are injected into otherwise benign and trusted web applications, which is handled by contextual output encoding/escaping of string input.

Hexadpay Wallet

Given that Cryptocurrencies are losing their value due to lack of liquidity, we introduce Hexadpay Wallet, a Universal Utility Wallet. It is built with an aim to bring global liquidity for Blockchain currencies. The possibility of retail adoption for Cryptocurrencies will reduce their speculative trade in the market, leading to more stable ICO economy and businesses, ensuring viability and longevity of the tokens.

Hexadpay Wallet is based on a monolithic structure and uniform at all levels. HXD is the native wallet Token. Through Hexadpay, you can access commodity and Forex liquidity, apart from Token and Retail commerce liquidity.

Parameters Regular Crypto Wallet Hexadpay Wallet
Currency Capability Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency & Fiat
Fiat Conversion No Instant Conversion
Fiat Transfer No Seamless Transfer
Utility Crypto Transactions Universal Utility (Access e-Commerce, Exchange,e-Sports Market)
Fees Medium to High Lowest Fee
Debit Card N/A Yes
Exchange Rarely Integrated Exchange

In the current world scenario, people use their e-wallets on phone loaded with fiat currencies to pay for the services. It all seems easy and convenient, to use their phone to pay for the purchases made. Imagine using the cryptocurrencies in an exactly same manner, where people simply scan to pay for the purchases through their phones. But, instead of using fiat currencies, they use cryptocurrencies. This is what Hexadpay is all about, offering real time retail adoption to number of cryptocurrencies for availing services across the globe. In addition to it, users can also use the wallet to seamlessly convert:

-Fiat to Fiat
-Fiat to Cryptocurrency
-Cryptocurrency to Cryptocurrency
-Cryptocurrency to Fiat

Failing to create utility and liquidity of Tokens is Crypto Economy’s biggest challenge and Hexadpay Wallet is designed to address the same. This universal utility wallet will offer seamless transactions of Fiat and Cryptocurrencies for availing services.

Through the creation of Hexadpay, the fiat and cryptocurrencies will co-exist, offering similar liquidity, utility and adoption. The wallet will offer access to multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies to provide an ease of use, while delivering flexibility.


User Process Flow

In order to avail the services of the Hexad Ecosystem, one need to create an account by registering on the ecosystem and completing the login process with KYC verification. This process involves SMS Authentication or 2FA Setup for enhanced security. Once done, a wallet will be automatically generated. The user can deposit Fiat and Cryptocurrency in this multi-utility wallet to use it across Hexafinex for trading, Hexad Marketplace for shopping and Hexad Sports for making transactions.


The Mobile Factor

With the gradual adoption of mobile telephony and exponential growth in its demand, a number of technologies shrunk and merged as one in the cell phones. With time, a simple cell phone that was used to make calls was transformed into an MP3 player, a camera, navigator, fitness tracker, personal assistance and what not. One of such transformations was the introduction of mobile wallets. A number of m-wallets came into existence and defined a new way to carry the transactions. While being easy and efficient to use, these wallets are yet in their adoption stage.


The Hexadpay Wallet is designed in a manner to address the factors affecting the ideal adoption of m-wallets. This wallet is set to provide the much-required fix of using cryptocurrency as well as fiat freely, offering complete liquidity and retail adoption to the cryptocurrencies.

Hexadpay Wallet is powered by the combination of Blockchain and AI, offering users to:

  • Receive
  • Send
  • Spend
  • Store
  • Convert Crypto and Fiat Currencies

Along with the interactive and comprehensive Mobile App, Hexad Ecosystem will issue Hexadpay Debit Cards to the users to store, shop and spend in real time at their will.

Using Hexadpay Wallet is simple and easy. The user begins with registering and creating an account on Hexad ecosystem, fill in the basic information, Photo ID and address proof to complete the KYC. Once done, the user can now add through BTC, ETH, LTC, Bank Wire, Debit/Credit Card or E-Wallet. With the addition of balance, user can now buy, sell, receive, send and convert with both Crypto and Fiat currencies.

Hexadpay Wallet is powered by a robust ecosystem, backed by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to offer safe, secure and seamless transactions. Wallet’s dashboard is configurable as per the requirements, with added widgets, detailed reports and transaction history , giving user complete control on the funds.

The Hexadpay Debit Card will enhance the adoption of cryptocurrencies similar to fiat, across the world, raising its use above trading alone. This card will be useful in availing services, from travelling to shopping, while using cryptocurrency as the mode of transactions.

Wallet Architecture

The Hexadpay Wallet offers users to store, send, receive and convert Cryptocurrencies including, BTC, LTC, ETH and HXD, and Fiat currencies including, USD, GBP, EUR and JPY. The options are not limited to these 8 currencies only, but to expand with time. Users can convert Fiat to Cryptocurrencies instantly, on the Hexad Ecosystem based conversion rates. The Wallet offers seamless currency transfer across the world in fiat and cryptocurrencies. For this transfer, the users can choose from the desired fiat currency for the end registered user to receive in.

In order to avail the services of Hexadpay, one needs to register on and complete the KYC. The dash board will have the following tabs:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Fiat Currencies
  • Fiat Transfer
  • Fiat Exchange
  • Profile

The first, Cryptocurrencies tab, supports BTC, LTC, ETH and HXD, where users can deposit theirs directly to the Blockchain and these currencies will be moved to the cold wallet.

The second, Fiat Tab, supports USD, GBP, EUR and JPY. users can directly transfer funds from their respective banks to the wallet.

Both the Fiat and Cryptocurrencies are stored together in the common Utility wallet, where the users can directly access them for Online Exchange, Sports and Marketplace, with the completion of their KYC.

The third, Fiat Exchange tab, serves the purpose of converting one fiat currency to another, per the Ecosystem rates.

The fourth, Fiat Transfer tab, offers seamless transfer of fiat currencies between the registered users.

The fifth, Profile tab, is for the users to complete their KYC and adding their bank details to transfer funds

HXD Utility

Hexad Coin or HXD is an ERC 20 Token, built on the Ethereum platform. Its utility is across the Hexad Ecosystem is:

Through Hexafinex: HXD is the native token for Hexafinex. The users can pay fees through HXD for their transaction and trade HXD with BTC, LTC, ETH and Fiat.

Through Marketplace: HXD will offer tangible benefits when used on their affiliated e-Commerce platforms.

Through Sports: HXD will be utilized for transactions made on e-sports like virtual and live gaming.


Token Economics

    Token Structure:

  • 60% Distributed to Community
  • 15% Liquidity Reserve
  • 12% Founders & Team
  • 5% Strategic Partners
  • 5% Advisors & Experts
  • 3% Rewards/ Bonus & Bounty

    Fund Allocation:

  • 40% Platform & Exchange Development
  • 20% Business Development & Marketing
  • 15% Legal & Regulations
  • 15% Reserve Funds
  • 5% Audit & Security
  • 5% Operations




  • Bhaumik Son

    Mr. Bhaumik Soni

    (Founder & CEO - Hexadpay)

  • Kushal Mehta

    Mr. Kushal Mehta

    (Co-Founder and COO)

  • Dhrupad Shah

    Mr. Dhrupad Shah

    (CTO - Hexadpay)

  • Krystelle Galano

    Krystelle Galano

    (ICO Advisor)

  • Jason Jang

    Jason Jang

    (CIO - KCX Exchange)

  • Jeremy Chung

    Jeremy Chung

    (EVP - MBC)

  • Jinkil Lee

    Jinkil Lee

    (CEO - Tong Bloc)

  • Yoon Byung

    Yoon Byung

    (CTO - Tong Bloc)

  • Sang Jae Seo

    Sang Jae Seo

    (CEO - PayX)